Gift for Her...

Gift for Her...

How to choose lingerie for a gift?

Choosing a gift for a woman is a real challenge, especially when we want a unique gift. Regardless of the occasion, the best lingerie will be properly selected in terms of size and taste of the recipient. Which lingerie styles are currently the most fashionable and which ones are worth choosing? In this post you will find answers to many bothering questions.

Lingerie for a gift - how to choose the size?

 Choosing lingerie can turn out to be quite a challenge, especially when we don’t know the size of the person we are going to give. In the case of panties, it is a bit easier, we only need to specify whether it will be S, M, L or maybe larger. It will be a bit more difficult to buy a bra, as there are no universal sizes. To choose the right one, we will need two dimensions - relating to the circumference under the bust and the cup. The size of the bra is an individual matter and it is impossible to choose it without prior measurements. Of course, we can check the size on the label of one of the bras we receive, but we don’t always have this option. We believe that the ideal solution will be to choose a type of underwear that can be easily adjusted to any figure. A  nightgown, eg CELIN, is a universal gift. Women's underwear for a gift doesn’t always have to consist of panties and a bra. In the case of a nightdress, the choice should be much simpler. Most of this type of underwear has adjustable straps, thanks to which it is easy to adjust them to any figure. An interesting proposition are also bathrobes that are pleasant to the touch and at the same time look extremely feminine. Made of shiny material, eg ELEONORE, they are to the taste of most women.


Lingerie for a gift for a loved one - what to choose?

 Underwear for a gift for a wife or girlfriend may be characterized by a higher level of intimacy, so you should not be afraid of bolder styles. When it comes to this type of shopping, men usually know the size of their partner's bust or are able to discreetly check it, for example by browsing the drawer with their beloved's underwear. So what to choose? A bralette type bra will certainly be a good choice. It is currently one of the most fashionable styles. Women with a smaller body structure and smaller breasts are recommended push up bras that will gently lift and fill the bust. A unique proposition is, for example, KASSIDY. A great idea will be to match the bra with panties: briefs, thongs or shorts, the whole will create a beautiful and sensual set.

How to pack lingerie for a gift?

 The next step to a successful gift will be its proper packaging. A tasteful box tied with a decorative ribbon will be the perfect solution. Another important question is how we will fold the underwear. This is especially important in the case of bras, the cups of which may be damaged or deformed. So let's decide on boxes, the size of which will be selected in proportion to the packed underwear.

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