Uk distributor of Esotiq & Henderson exclusive lingerie.
Esotiq & Henderson SA is a Poland-based company engaged in the fashion industry. The Company aims at designing, producing and selling clothes for female and male.

ESOTIQ is a brand of underwear for modern women full of energy and sex appeal.

HENDERSON is underwear tailored to the needs and expectations of a modern man.

ESOTIQ's mission is to model the female body with beautiful underwear, so that every woman wearing it feels like a "million dollars". Men's collections under the HENDERSON brand are distinguished by simplicity, convenience and comfort of use. It is possible thanks to 20 years of experience in designing women's and men's underwear from the best materials.

Esotiq & Henderson lingerie projects are created by an experienced design team and the participation of inspiring guests, including top models by Joanna Krupa.

The development of the network in Poland, the countries of Eastern Europe, and also in Germany inspired us to recreate ourselves on a new market, which is Great Britain.We hope that our offer will meet your interest and that we will be able to develop our history also in Great Britain.

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